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Sellers Information

Selling a home can be one of life's most challenging experiences. The more prepared you are at the outset, the less overwhelming the selling process will be.

From selecting a real estate professional to finding out what steps you can take to ensure a quick sale, the following Century 21 tips will help take the anxiety out of selling a home.

Don't forget to check out how you can earn AIR MILES Reward Miles with your real estate transaction.

You are looking for comprehensive services from your real estate professional. Century 21 real estate professionals are trained and committed to answering all the questions and concerns that homeowners are challenged with when selling a home. We know you want to sell your home quickly, at the right price and with as few worries as possible.

Your Century 21 real estate professional and the Century 21 Customized Marketing System will create an unparalleled opportunity to distinguish your home in this competitive marketplace.

Century 21 Customized Marketing Services include:
  • AIR MILES Reward Program (Exclusive Real Estate Sponsor)
  • Century 21 National Advertising
  • Century 21 Global Referral Network
  • Century 21 Recreational Properties
  • Century 21 Fine Homes and Estates
  • Century 21 Internet Marketing Programs
  • Century 21 Seller Service Pledge
The Century 21 System offers convenient connections to savings on home-related products and services. Offers include discounted storage facilities, savings on professional moving services, and much more.

From protecting your home to painting it, the power of Century 21 Connections offers you one stop shopping on convenient, cost-saving products and services designed to simplify your total home ownership experience. It's just one more way that your Century 21 real estate professional takes the anxiety out of selling your home.

What can you do to prepare your house for showing? What small steps can be taken to increase your chances for a quick sale? Efforts to improve the appearance of your house can contribute greatly to its marketing success. Small efforts such as replacing defective light bulbs; repainting damaged trim areas around doors and windows; cleaning the carpets; and adding finishing touches such as fresh flowers can make all the difference.

Call (613) 749-2121 or e-mail us today for expert advice on how to ensure your house sells quickly and at the best possible price.
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